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Asha Eleven

ASHA or AšA (pronounced a-sha) // means 'life' in Arabic, it also means 'truth', 'right working' and 'existence'.

ELEVEN // a number (particularly in repetition 11:11) known to represent the opening of an energetic gateway. In numerology it signifies intuition, insight and enlightenment.

Together, each of these represent the polarities and duality between our physical presence and purpose on this Earth (very NB!) and spiritual awakening which often takes us off this Earth (also very ok!).

Asha 11's approach considers awareness and consciousness towards PEOPLE + our PLANET.

Lucia Handbag


Beach Cult swimwear at Purr

Beach Cult

Joanna Hedley's designs are inspired by and aimed at the young at heart, confident women who are comfortable in their own skin and looking for something striking. Beach Cult is for all the beach queens, nomads, jet setters and women who carry the ocean continuously in their hearts.


Emma Pants


Midi Slip Dress




When FitFlop entered the scene in 2007 it was generally accepted that a shoe could not look good and feel great, especially after hours of wearing. They set about changing this one step at a time. Their mission is to empower you to live an active and fulfilled life. Supporting you from the ground up with the perfect combination of biomechanics, comfort and fashion.

FitFlop studies the movement of the body and engineer their shoes accordingly to promote optimal body alignment and complement your natural walking style. They design shoes to create the most even distribution of body weight possible. Each of their midsoles achieves this in a different way to complement the silhouette whilst keeping your feet feeling as happy at the end of the day as they do at the beginning.

Suede Espadrille Sandal


Gabrielle swimwear at Purr

Gabrielle Swimwear

Sailor Dress


Good was started in Cape Town in 2008 by Marian Park-Ross. Founded on the principals of well-designed, simple but on-trend styles, Good has consistently offered women of all ages clothes that are easy-to-wear and flattering. Fabrication is of the highest consideration and inspiration for the range comes directly from the Good customer: a woman who is aware of fashion, but is by no means a fashion-slave or devout fashion-leader. In a word a woman who quite simply wants to look Good.
Hannah Lavery clothing range and accessories at Purr

Hannah Lavery

Hannah Lavery is a designer based in Cape Town who produces, alongside a team of known and skilled makers, a subtly innovative and locally grounded line of clothing for women. This lifestyle brand celebrates the clean lines of the body and the intrinsic movement of the materials used. The range features natural fabrics, genuine leather bags and shoes, and softly tailored pieces - providing a complete aesthetic offering to customers. The brand is dedicated to ethical production that is transparent and relational, feeding opportunity where possible into the local industry.
Lake Visor


Mithra Pendant


Basalt Short Jumpsuit


Island Tunic


Lucia Handbag


Louenhide is emerging as one of Australia’s favourite accessory brands, helping shape the style of modern day women of all ages.
Best friends, Lou Kendall and Heidi Bailey (Combining their names “Louenhide” was created) are passionate about designing and creating beautiful, functional non-leather handbags.
Kairih Dress

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Amalfi Wide Leg Jumpsuit

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