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Free door to door courier within SA for all orders over R1000. Free door to door courier within SA for all orders over R1000.

Mareth | Colleen

MARETH | COLLEEN is a small business based in Woodstock, Cape Town founded by Colleen Lesch and Mareth van der Walt.  

We love effortless clothes that celebrate the female figure - bonus points if it's locally manufactured (yay for smaller carbon footprints and boosting the local economy!) and it's simple and stylish enough to last beyond the current season. Our friends do as well.  

So that's exactly what we make under the MARETH | COLLEEN label - beautifully designed garments that are hand-cut and stitched one at a time by a small (and we do meantiny) group of South African artisans. In fact, when you shrug on your favourite MARETH | COLLEEN dress, bomber jacket, coat or jumpsuit, you can rest assured that we are probably doing the same. After all, if you’re not making the clothes you want to wear, what on earth are you doing? 

We like our stuff to last, and we’re sure you do too.  So, although our designs often ebb along the same waves as emerging global fashion trends, you will always find that it’s been interpreted in a way that will take it beyond the current season so you can enjoy your well-made MARETH | COLLEEN closet staple for many years, decades, perhaps generations (hey, we can dream) to come.  

And that’s the spiel ladies and gents. We make clothes because we love beautiful, well-made things - it’s as simple as that. We hope you enjoy wearing your MARETH | COLLEEN garments as much as we enjoyed dreaming (and stitching) it into being. Go out and make some epic memories in it - we double dare you!